One sample t-test in Excel

One sample t-test in Excel

Recently I needed to quickly perform a one sample t-test in an Excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately, this functionality is not implemented in Excel by default. However, I found a very nice post by Zach at Statology on how to calculate this test using some build-in Excel functions and objects.

For my convenience what I did was to put the whole procedure in a single cell:

=T.DIST.2T(ABS((AVERAGE(A2:A13)-15)/(STDEV.S(A2:A13)/SQRT(COUNT(A2:A13)))), COUNT(A2:A13)-1)

Below I attach Excel file that is complementary to the example used by Zach:

Source of the cover picture: https://www.potterybarn.com/products/oversized-abacus/

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