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FMRI Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab

A schematic representation of an MRI scanner.

Introduction to fMRI
by Katharina Seidl-Rathkopf

Statistical analysis of the fMRI data

Challenges and techniques for presurgical brain mapping with functional MRI

Statistical Methods for Psychology 7th Edition by David C. Howell

HCP-MMP1.0 projected on MNI2009a GM (volumetric) in NIfTI format

Dataset posted on 05.08.2016, 03:03 authored by Andreas Horn

Detecting Neurodegenerative Diseases Before Damage Is Done

SRI International

Functional neurological disorder (FND)

Imaging Study Provides New Biological Insights on Functional Neurological Disorder

I couldn’t find the original article, though. The closest one was:

Diez, I., Ortiz-TerĂ¡n, L., Williams, B., Jalilianhasanpour, R., Ospina, J. P., Dickerson, B. C., … & Perez, D. L. (2019). Corticolimbic fast-tracking: enhanced multimodal integration in functional neurological disorder. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry90(8), 929-938. [Link]

FDA Cleared Artificial Intelligence for Immediate Results of Head CT Scans (Video)

Schematic representation of the electromagnetic spectrum

Note where different imaging modalities are located on the electromagnetic spectrum.


Source: Kangarlu, A., & Robitaille, P. M. L. (2000). Biological effects and health implications in magnetic resonance imaging. Concepts in Magnetic Resonance: An Educational Journal12(5), 321-359. [Link]

The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, and applications in modern medicine

Different medical imaging modalities positioned on the electromagnetic spectrum.


Source: O’Doherty, Jim & Rojas, Bruno & Doherty, Sophie. (2018). Real-life radioactive men: The advantages and disadvantages of radiation exposure. 1. 16. 10.24413/SST.2018.1.2928. [Link]